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MPA appoints new Assistant Commissioner to the Met

December 18 2006

The Metropolitan Police Authority today appointed John Yates to become the Metropolitan Police Service's fifth Assistant Commissioner.

As a member of the MPS management board, John Yates will help formulate the strategic direction of the largest police service in the country and will manage a major business area.

The interviews were conducted by a panel of eight MPA members, with Sir Ian Blair, the Metropolitan Police Commissioner, acting as police adviser. Her Majesty's Inspector of Constabulary, Denis O'Connor, and Baroness Rennie Fritchie acted as independent advisors. Catherine Crawford, Chief Executive & Clerk to the MPA, was also in attendance.

Commenting on the appointment, Len Duvall, chair of the MPA, said:

"On behalf of the Metropolitan Police Authority I wish to congratulate John Yates on appointment to his new post. John, who has held the position of Temporary Assistant Commissioner for the past few months, impressed the panel with his strategic knowledge, tactical skills and experience and we are confident that he will continue to make a significant impact in the role.

"The challenge of policing London, one of the world's major capitals, with its many complexities and wonderfully diverse and vibrant communities, exacts the highest degree of professionalism and expertise from every serving officer. This is even more true at the strategic command level and we have no doubt that John will lead by example."

Sir Ian Blair said:

"I'd like to congratulate John Yates on his appointment as Assistant Commissioner. In a long and distinguished career with the Metropolitan Police Service, he has consistently demonstrated his policing ability working at the highest levels. I look forward to working with him as he takes on this new challenge."

John Yates - biography

John Yates is currently performing the role of Temporary Assistant Commissioner with responsibility for the Directorate of Professional Standards in the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS).

He has served as a senior Detective in north and west London and been the Senior Investigating Officer on over 20 murders. He led one of the most complex corruption inquiries of recent years that led to the imprisonment of six serving detectives for sentences totalling 46 years. He was Staff Officer to Sir Paul Condon, now Lord Condon, throughout the period of the Stephen Lawrence Inquiry.

On appointment to ACPO he was appointed to the role of Commander Crime, Territorial Policing, with responsibility, amongst other things, for street crime, burglary and rape investigations in the MPS.

He was promoted to Deputy Assistant Commissioner in January 2004 and was posted to the role of Director of Serious and Organised Crime in the MPS, with responsibility for homicide, child protection, tackling organised criminal networks, gun crime and covert policing.

He also led the UK policing response to the South East Asian Tsunami and the MPS response to the Stockwell Shooting. He is the ACPO lead for Rape and Serious Sexual Offences involving adults. He is a Commissioner on the Royal Society of Arts Drugs Commission and a member of The Prince's Trust London Council.

In January 2006, he was awarded the Queen's Police Medal for distinguished services to policing.

He is married with two children. His interests include long-distance cycle racing, cooking and he is an avid supporter of Liverpool Football Club.

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